The four forces of evolution custom essay.

General Instructions:
For this assignment, you are to describe the processes of evolution in essay format. In order to properly execute this assignment you are going to need to cover a number of concepts. In general you should describe each of the Four Forces of Evolution, to a degree that lets me know that you understand each of them. You should also cover both the concept of species and population. Given that variation is also critical to the process, a description of variation between populations is also necessary. Finally, Isolation Mechanisms and the Speciation event itself must be covered. All of the concepts are interrelated and your essay must reflect that. Be careful as this is easily the most difficult assignment you will have to complete for this class. You should be able to get all of the information you will need to write this essay from your textbook and from lectures. To help you, I have provided a recorded lecture specifically designed to help you with this essay.
The essay must be at least 300 words long (if it is not, I will not award any points for the assignment and there will be no chance to makeup the assignment). Each of the following concepts must be explicitly defined within this essay: Species,
Population, Variation (between populations), Natural Selection, Mutation, Gene Flow, Genetic Drift, Isolating Mechanisms and Speciation. This section is worth total of 36 points, or 72% of the total grade. Up to four points will be deducted from the final grade for each poorly defined or missing term. The interaction between these various concepts must be clearly illustrated. This section is worth only four points or 8% of the total grade. However, these will be the hardest points to earn.
The assignment must be written in essay format with an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. All of the basic paragraph types must be present. A total of ten points or 20% of the total grade are available for this section. The only
sources that you may use for this assignment are the textbook and class lectures – NO other sources may be used! If evidence is found that outside sources were used for the assignment it will result in an automatic 50% reduction in the final
grade. Finally, Information gleaned from the book and lectures must be properly cited both in a bibliography and in text.
Failure to include both a bibliography and in text citations will result in an “F” for the assignment without the chance to make up the points.
Concepts to be defined:
• Species
• Population
• Variation (between populations)
• The Four Forces
o Natural Selection
o Mutation
o Gene Flow
o Genetic Drift
• Isolating Mechanisms
• Speciation
Suggested Essay Organization:
1. Introductory Paragraph
2. Body Paragraph One: Species, Population and maybe Variation
3. Body Paragraphs Two through Five: The Four Forces of Evolution + Variation
4. Last Body Paragraph: Isolation and Speciation
5. Conclusion Paragraph
Grading Rubric:
2/4/2016 Order 230833975 2/2
1. Clear definition of each of the concepts.

2. The interaction between the various concepts is clearly illustrated.

3. The assignment is written in essay format with an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.

4. Information gleaned from the book and lectures is properly cited.
Information is on plagiarism is available under the link to the course syllabus. In addition, information on how to properly cite sources in APA is available in the course syllabus. Failure to properly cite sources will result in an “F” for the assignment without the chance to make up the points.
5. No outside sources!

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