Diversity issues in the natural sciences and the military custom essay.

Diversity Issues in the Natural Sciences and the Military
Compare and contrast the experiences that diverse groups of women have in the military and the natural science professions
Thesis: If the Military and the STEM community could look beyond gender to give equal consideration for the work of women
how much father they might be today
Reference the following topics:
Women on the front lines
Gender Discrimination is Alive and well
Safety and sexual Harassment
Women in combat roles would strengthen the military
Women in STEM a gap among genders
Women in STEM Jobs
STEM premiums and gender
STEM degrees and careers by gender
In summary it has been noted that just because of your gender has little to no impact on how you perform in you carrier field of choice. It is human nature that has the impact by placing stigma on the fact that just because you are a woman you will not be able to perform as well as you male counterpart. This way of thought is slow diminishing however it is not gone from today’ssociety, and it hinders the progress of the organization

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