13 Personal and professional development custom essay.

Evaluation of personal and professional skills to meet individual and organizations needs

Purpose of this assignment

Be able to suggest self-managed learning and take responsibility for own personal and professional development


Task 1 – Evaluation of learning for the individual and the organisation – Essay format


  1. Compare the different learning styles and methods of learning discussed within the unit and determine which learning style(s) and methods enable you to manage your learning (1.1).
  2. Linking to your learning style(s) and preferred learning methods. Recommend at least three ways in which an organisation can encourage you to improve your personal and professional development within the workplace (1.2).

On completion of point 1 and 2. You are required to evaluate the benefits of learning to both yourself and the organisation. Use one of the evaluation techniques discussed within the unit to enhance your response (1.3).


Task 22.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 Personal and Professional portfolio


  1. Complete a Personal SWOT: Identify your desired profession / occupation and the essential / desirable skills required (In Class Activity) (2.1).
  2. Based on your Personal SWOT write a brief essay (300 words max) discussing the development needs identified within WT (2.2) and what you may need to do to enhance your SO (2.3).

Transfer the information gathered from point 2 and complete a detailed action plan ensure SMART objectives are incorporated (see the action plan template within the workbook) to address your current and future development needs (2.4).

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