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SUBJECT: Human Resource Development

Assignment Instructions (Instructions must be followed)
Need to respond to the student’s forum posting not as a teacher but provide comments what you like and agree on in
regards to their posting, provide additional insight and include direct questions, critical analysis and be scholarly in nature.
Please note that sources must be current sources and Wikipedia and anonymous sources do not count as a source.
**Please note that since this is a response back to a student do not include a title page. Just need to have the response
along with references used**
Posting of Student Responding To:
My opinion of the lecture methods is that it can be very effective. Lecture is, arguably, the oldest known instructional
technique used in the university setting (Omelicheva & Aydeyeva, 2008). It allows the instructor to precisely determine the
aims, content, organization, pace and direction of a presentation. In contrast, more studentcentered
methods, e.g.,
discussions or laboratories, require the instructor to deal with unanticipated student ideas, questions and comments.
Teacher control: Because the lecture is delivered by one authoritative figure – a teacher, professor, or instructor of some
other kind – that person has full reign of the direction of the lesson and the tone of the classroom. They alone are able to
shape the course, and so lectures remain highly consistent when it comes to what kind of information is delivered, and how
it’s delivered. Lectures are literally just longwinded
explanations of information, deemed important by the lecturer.
According to Di Leonardi (2007), lecture has the potential to clarify difficult concepts, organize thinking, promote problem
solving, and challenge attitudes.
As such, students can absorb large quantities of new material. The lecture method makes the learning process mostly
effortless on the part of the students, who need only pay attention during the lecture and take notes where they see fit.
Because so little input is required from students, it’s the most clear, straightforward, and uncomplicated way to expose
students to large quantities of information – as explained above – and in a way that is controlled and time sensitive.
Students just need to know how to take good notes – check out this course on note taking skills for some tips. With that
said, I feel that all lectures are effective.
Di Leonardi, B. (2007). Tips for Facilitating Learning: The Lecture Deserves Some Respect. The Journal of Continuing
Education in Nursing, 38(4), p. 162175.
Omelicheva, M. & Aydeyeva, O. (2008). Teaching with Lecture or Debate? Testing the Effectiveness of Traditional versus
Active Learning Methods of Instruction. PS, Political science & Politics, 41(3), p. 603607.

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