Strategic resources management custom essay.

Read our second caselette, The New Continuity Manager located in the Resources for this week. Assume you are the

newly appointed Chief Continuity Manager for the Berwick Hospital System. Write and submit a 1,500 word (minimum) to
2,000 word (maximum) memo to the Chief Operating Officer (COO)
How would the Berwick Hospital Sydtem cope with a prolonged power outage?
Who would transport nursing home patients in the event of an evacuation?
These are many other questions plagued the administrator.
Therefore, the administator has now decided to hire a business continuity planner to be responsible for conducting a risk
assessment and recommending a continuity plan for any disasters the system faces.
1.outlining the major risks associated with maintaining continuity of operations in the event of an environmental
catastrophe, and
2.make an outline of the basics of a continuity plan to cope with such a scenario.
Use APA format for the memo, as indicated in this sample. Use Times 12 or Arial 11 font size.
NOTE: You are constrained in the lenth of this MEMO and so you may make reasonable assumptions to streamline your

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