Article critiques custom essay.

Article Critiques

My major is Early childhood education and I have assignment “Article Critiques”
Here is the instructions :
you will have to find an article in one of the online databases (use link to Mervin Sterne Library databases below) and
critique it USING
Mervin Sterne Education
databases: (Links to an external site.)
When you do your article critique, you should do several things:
First, have a title page
Second, you should describe or summarize the article roughly
1 page.
Third, you will need to critique the article roughly
1 page. I’ve provided some information below and on the “Tips” page
that should help with this. Also, make sure that you think about the criteria in the rubric (e.g., what questions to ask) as this
also provides some guidance. Again, if you have any questions, post them early on the “Ses 3” or “General” discussion
Finally, you need to provide your article critique in APA style. I’ve provided more information about APA in the next section
in the module. Make sure that you look at the model paper (“Ex of Practice Article”) as I provide additional clues as to what I
want. Plan to copy the formatting e.
g., title page, indented paragraphs, doublespaced
writing, 12pt font in Times New
Roman, using citations correctly within the text, a reference page at the end, etc.
Note 1: I want you to find a practice article not
a research study (a primary article). Therefore, if you see something that
says “in this study” anywhere in the article, has a “Methods” and a “Results” section, provides lots of statistics and tables of
numbers, looks really “heavy” in terms of the content, etc., find another article. See additional web pages in module for
examples of the type of article you should find.
A good way to remember: A practice article will likely show you how to put something into practice E.
g., “Three ways to
use Writing to Learn in your classroom.” A primary article collects primary (or first) information. If someone does a study,
then they are collecting data to see if something works. With a research article, the researchers are collecting data in a
systematic and conventional way.
Note 2: If someone loses a lot of points, it is usually because (a) someone doesn’t write enough / writes too much and/or (b)
there is little / no critique. I use the rubric to grade your work, so write between 600 and 800 words. If you write more than
900 or less than 500 words, you will score 0 or 1 point out of 5. If you write 500 to 600, or 800 to 900 words, you’ll score 2 or
3 points. Please take note! The skills developed / refined in this session (practicing to summarize / critique within a set
amount of words) is something that will help with your final paper at the end of the semester.
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***Info to Help with Critiquing Your Article
This session, you will summarize (or describe the article) and then critique it. A critique is more involved as it requires you
to analyze and evaluate the quality of the work. Questions to consider (don’t have to use any or all … but these can be of
help if you want more guidance) when you critique the article can include (these are from the syllabus):
Was there any support (any prior literature reviewed) for why the author[s] wrote about their topic? Were there lots of
citations, were they recent? Did the review seem comprehensive / of good quality to you?
Did they include useful tables / figure / photo that help to visualize the work and make the article an appealing read?
Were adequate practical examples provided so that you could use the information in a classroom?
Are recommendations applicable to a range of children / teachers? Why or why not?
If a policy piece, were opposing sides of the issue addressed in a fair way?
What questions were not answered? Did you feel like information was biased or missing?
You can see the rubric on the last page of this module … it is the same page that allows you to submit the finished Word
document to me.
NOTE : structure of my paper should include introduction with a hook that attracts the reader , summary, critique.

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