Project risk assessment custom essay.

Please create a project risk assessment report for IT Network environment. My project task is to build a new network for a company that currently have an older network infrastructure in place. Please create a project risk assessment report base on the following.
The reason for writing the Project Risk Assessment Section is to provide the reader with an understanding of the risks that are related to the project and how these risks may vary by viable alternative. For the recommended alternative clearly identify the consequences of failure for each of the major project objectives. Usually, the risk assessment includes a method of relatively
ranking the risks and identifying methods of reducing specific risks although these steps are not necessary for senior project.}
4.1 Risks for Project and Each Alternative
[Identify all project risks that may relate to the project. A risk is a factor or event that may jeopardize the project from achieving the
anticipated benefits or increase the cost of the project.
Examples of project risks are:
• Lack of Senior Management Support
• Legislative changes
• Insufficient training
• Inadequate communication
• Conflicting priorities
• Inability to free-up
critical business resources]
4.2 Consequences of Failure
[Cleary describe the customer’s stated consequences if project objectives are not accomplished. Treat each objective separately
with its own consequence of failure.]

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