French US foreign policy

Use formal book reviews, not analysis or opinion papers. Use these guidelines in your review (Scott, Gregory M., and Stephen M. Garrison. 2002. The Political Science Student Writer’s Manual, 4th edition, chapter 8, section 1, “Book Reviews”.

Upper Saddle River, NJ: PrenticeHall.
Successful book reviews answer three questions:
1. What did the writer of the book try to communicate?
2. How clearly and convincingly did she or he get this message across?
3. Was the message worth reading?
Your review should generally contain four basic elements (although not always in this order):
1. Enticement (Let the reader know that you can quickly and clearly come to the point so she knows her time and efforts in
reading the review will not be wasted)
2. Examination (Allow the reader to join you in examining the book. Just what is this book about?)
3. Elucidation (Clarify the book’s value and contribution to international affairs by defining [1] what the author is attempting to
do and [2] how the author’s work fits within current similar efforts in international affairs)
4. Evaluation (To what extent has the author succeeded in accomplishing her objectives?)
Each review must utilize Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri, 12point
font, standard margins, and page numbers. Reviews
can be written in first or third person. I will only accept papers in this format.
Papers must conform to APA format. Outside sources are not required but may be used where appropriate.
11 Full pages. Points will be deducted for not reaching full page amount
Book Required:
Menendez Alarcon, Antonio V. (2014) French and US Approaches to Foreign Policy. New York, NY: Palgrav

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