What impact do the ‘Chinese’ ways have on MNCs recruitment policy and practice? custom essay.

What impact do ‘Chinese’ ways have on MNC recruitment policies and practices?
The question looks for an understanding of the specificity of the Chinese institutional and cultural context. How the ‘Chinese’ ways
of doing things can impact upon/influence employment relations/HR practices of MNCs opening subsidiaries in China is the main
focus of the question. Using the example of recruitment practices, try to show culture impacts recruitment in China and how MNCs
negotiate this (adopt or adapt to Chinese ways and/or overcome it). Start with Beardwel and Thompson (2014) chapter 16 by
Hammer and any of the Gamble articles.
You will be assessed on knowledge and skills (20 minutes) as well as how you handle the questions (each member is expected to
• Structure and flow of presentation/collaborative skills
• Reading analysis
• Focus on question and depth of analysis
• Presentation skills
• Quality of response to the questions from each member
China is the fastest growing economy and emerging global economic power. What happens here affects the world. This lecture
traces its employment relations with special reference to current developments.
Beardwell and Thompson (2014) Chapter 16
Pun and Smith (2007) in Work, Employment and Society
Gamble, J (2006) ‘Introducing western style HRM practices to China: shopfloor perceptions in British Multinationals’, Journal of
World Business, 328343
Gamble, J (2006) ‘Transferring HR practices from the UK to China: the limits and potential for convergence’, International Journal
of HRM, 369387
Zhu and Warner (2005) Personnel Review, 34 (3): 354369
UNCTAD – World Investment Report
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