Implementation Action Plan and Evaluation Strategy

Implementation Action Plan and Evaluation Strategy for Substance Abuse Prevention Program


Application Analysis: Implement & Evaluate

Throughout this course, you will utilize the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) model to develop a program addressing some aspect of substance abuse prevention.

Project TimelineFocusAssignment
Week 2Assess NeedsCOMPLETED
Week 3Build CapacityCOMPLETED
Week 4Plan: Review Similar StrategiesCOMPLETED
Week 5Plan: Examine LiteratureCOMPLETED
Week 6Plan: Create PlanCOMPLETED
Week 7Implement & EvaluateCreate action plan and evaluation strategy
Week 8Prevention Program ProposalComprehensive proposal

This week, you task is create an implementation action plan and evaluation strategy for your target prevention program. Review The Strategic Prevention Framework.

Create an implementation action plan:

An action plan is a written document that lays out exactly how you will implement the selected program or practice. It describes what you expect to accomplish, the specific steps you will take to get there, and who will be responsible for doing what. It also includes a timeline. Action plans help to ensure that everyone involved in the prevention effort is on the same page.

In addition, draft a proposed evaluation plan for your target prevention program that highlights how you will know if your prevention plan is effective. Include a brief discussion of potential outcome measures and how data may be collected to gauge impact and effectiveness.

Assignment Expectations:

  • Length: 1300 words (not including title or reference page)
  • References: provide the APA style reference list for any supporting citations
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Implementation Action Plan

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