Comprehensive Planning Program for Substance Abuse Prevention

Comprehensive Planning


Application Analysis: Plan-Create Plan

Throughout this course, you will utilize the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) model to develop a program addressing some aspect of substance abuse prevention.

Project TimelineFocusAssignment
Week 2Assess NeedsCOMPLETED
Week 3Build CapacityCOMPLETED
Week 4Plan: Review Similar StrategiesCOMPLETED
Week 5Plan: Examine LiteratureCOMPLETED
Week 6Plan: Create PlanCreate program overview
Week 7Implement & EvaluateCreate action plan and evaluation strategy
Week 8Prevention Program ProposalComprehensive proposal

This week, your task is to create comprehensive planning strategy for your target prevention program. Review The Strategic Prevention Framework. Your plan should address the following:

Prioritize the risk and protective factors associated with the problem(s) you plan to address. Establish criteria for doing so (e.g., changeability, importance). This will help you determine which factors are having the greatest impact in your community.
Select prevention interventions that are evidence-based, most likely to influence the risk factors you have selected, and consistent with the beliefs and attitudes of your target audience. Before selecting a prevention intervention, ‘map’ the cultural landscape of the community: create an inventory of commonly spoken languages, socio-economic issues, neighborhood alliances, and allegiances, and key leaders and their cultural connections. Then involve representatives from across the cultural landscape in the selection of your prevention approaches.
Develop a community-level logic model that links local problems, related risk and protective factors, evidence-based strategies, and anticipated prevention outcomes. In the context of the SPF, logic models display the relationship between:

  • the consequences of substance abuse,
  • the consumption patterns,
  • the risk and protective factors affecting consumption,
  • the approaches selected to change these factors, and
  • expected outcomes

Develop a comprehensive, logical, and data-driven plan that includes the community-level logic model, plans for addressing identified resource and readiness gaps, and how issues of cultural competence were addressed.

Assignment Expectations:

  • Length: 1500 words (not including title or reference page)
  • References: provide the APA style reference list for any supporting citations

Comprehensive Planning

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