IELTS Academic Task 1 Correction: Goods Transported in the U.K. – 1.

IELTS Academic Task 1

Here is the response of student 1 and student 2.


The line graph depicts the quantity of commodities, measured in million tonnes, transported via four different routes (road, water, rail, and pipeline) in the U.K between 1974 and 2002.

Overall, the load amount of goods transported increased from the initial to the final year. Throughout the study period, road was the most preferred route whereas pipeline was the least preferred one. (Hit the nail on the head! Good job!)

Road transportation was widely popular throughout the 28 year period. In At the beginning, about 70 million tonnes of goods were transported via road. This number rose steadily in the following years with a few drops in between till around 1995 at which time about 80 million tonnes were transported. Despite a few drops, this figure rose gradually till 1995 after which it spiked to reach 98 million tonnes in 2002. However, after that, the use of road sharply went up till 1998 and continued to increase gradually reaching a peak of almost 100 million tonnes in the final year. (The question is about MAIN FEATURES. Not every feature.)

Water and railways transported similar quantities of goods in 1974. By 1978, both transported 40 million tonnes. After that, water transportation scaled up whereas railways transportation observed a decline. Water transport remained steady for a long time but decreased slightly from 1994 to 1998 only to grow again reaching over 60 million tonnes in the final year. On the other hand, transportation via railways showed some fluctuations but rose gradually after around 1995 and by the final year, it carried only slightly more than the amount it carries in 1974 what it started with.

Transportation via pipelines was the lowest in all the years. Only about 5 million tonnes were transported in 1974 which increased gradually to just over 20 million tonnes by around 1995. After that, its graph plateaued and maintained this amount till the final year.

Though this answer is a bit long, it is well-written. You can reduce the number of words in the body paragraph 1.

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