Air Travel Should Grow Without a Limit.

Air Travel Should Grow Without a Limit.


Some people think that air travel should grow without a limit, while others believe that governments should limit it. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Air travel has played a key role to develop world economies and to offer better educational opportunities (good collocation!) to students. Due to these reasons, some people believe that it should be allowed to expand without limitation, while others oppose this view and favor that governments should control the aviation industry growth (You should MENTION the reasons supporting the other view: … while others oppose this view since aviation industry is the main pollutant of atmosphere.). The merits of both arguments will be analyzed before a conclusion is decided upon. (Of course, you will do this. No need to write your intention.)

Firstly, some people believe that the development of the airline industry could have negative effects on the environment. (Before writing an example, you should EXPLAIN the negative effects on the environment. This industry is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide which cause global warming and the consequent destruction of habitat for thousands of species.) For instance, according to a report from American Science Institute, the gaseous emissions from airplanes add up to 3 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide annually in the atmosphere. Although this report suggests that by limiting air travel the pollution level can be controlled up to a certain extent, it will help a little as motor vehicles on roads produce far more pollutants than commercial aircraft. Therefore, the argument to limit air travel because of its environmental effects seems to be hard to support. (Write reasons only in support of view 1: Why air travel should be restricted?)

On the other hand, the expansion of air travel can help to reduce the unemployment rate. (EXPLAIN the idea before writing an example. This industry gives employment to thousands of individuals not only directly as crew members and ground staff but also indirectly as hotel employees and taxi drivers.) To illustrate, according to Indian Aviation Ministry, the airline industry employ around twenty thousand professionals annually. If the frequency of flights increases in the future, companies will need more professionals in different positions, such as pilots, flight attendants, and air traffic controllers, to manage their affairs, which will increase the job generation rate. Therefore, the heightened benefit of the development of the airline industry can be clearly seen. (No need to write this.)

After looking at both these views, I feel that air travel should be allowed to grow without any limit because it offers the public better employment opportunities. Thus, it is hoped that the number of flights will increase in the foreseeable future. The governments should find alternate means to address the pollution issues by planting more trees and helping companies develop better engines.

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