Marketing report custom essay.

 Detailed Assignment Information

Overall Rationale for the MP Assessments
Influenced by the key skills and attributes of the working marketer in its curriculum design,
Marketing Principles requires you, the student, to form a working project team composing
diverse skills sets and work on the Marketing Plan for a product from the first to the last
session starting with small presentations and culminating in a Report and Major
Presentation, following the Marketing Process.
Working in teams of 4 members, you will choose a product on which to conduct marketing
research and analysis for the entirety of the module, culminating in a Major Report
(Assessment 2A, worth 20% of your overall mark for the module) and a Major Presentation
(Assessment 2B, worth 20%). To help you on this journey, you are to deliver smaller inclass
team presentations (Assessment 1 below, worth 20% total)
meaning your team will
commence this process from Session 1 and hone your research, communication and
teamwork skills over the whole semester. There will also be an individual final examination
worth 40% of your overall grade.
Word Count = 2500 words
Citation Format = APA
Choosen Product: Soya Milk from Mr Bean (Singapore)

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