Annotated Bibliography for Substance Abuse Prevention Program

Application Analysis: Annotated Bibliography. Throughout this course, you will utilize the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) model to develop a program addressing some aspect of substance abuse prevention. 

Project Timeline Focus Assignment 
Week 1 Focus COMPLETED 
Week 2 Assess Needs COMPLETED 
Week 3 Build Capacity COMPLETED 
Week 4 Plan: Review Similar Strategies COMPLETED 
Week 5 Plan: Examine Literature Develop annotated bibliography 
Week 6 Plan: Create Plan Create program overview 
Week 7 Implement & Evaluate Create action plan and evaluation strategy 
Week 8 Prevention Program Proposal Comprehensive proposal 


This week, you task is to find three additional articles and create an annotated bibliography of the final empirical research articles that you selected for this project (as you did with the articles in Week 2). An annotated bibliography includes a summary, assessment and reflection of each of the sources. As such, you are not only explaining what was found in the research, but whether there is any apparent bias by the author, and explain the value and/or relevance for your target prevention program. For more information on annotated bibliographies, see Purdue OWL


Assignment Expectations: 

  • Length: include 3 paragraphs (summary, assessment, reflection) for each empirical article (100-150 words per paragraph summary, assessment, and reflection; 900-1,350 words total) 
  • References: Include the APA style citation for each article 


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