Task one: Performance Measurement Numerous reasons necessitate measure of the financial performance of companies. The first important reason is that measuring performance enhances the process of setting goals for future activities. Effective planning can only occur when the management of an institution understands the institution’s current standing. Correspondingly, the aspect of measuring performance helps inRead more about MEASURING FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE[…]

Women at Work

The article excerpt being analyzed is Women at Work. The article addresses the problem of the discrimination of women when it comes to the working environment. During the 19th century, women were not eligible to work in numerous fields except for teaching. Additionally, the field of teaching did not really pay well particularly for theRead more about Women at Work[…]

Corporations and Psychopathology

Corporations and Psychopathology The maximization of profits, the improvement of production efficiency, and the growth of shareholder wealth are the core objectives that drive every business. Every corporation has a clear corporate strategy whose implementation propels it towards the achievement of the set organizational goals. Even when corporate social responsibility is critical, most companies prioritizeRead more about Corporations and Psychopathology[…]

Article Brief: Keeping Up with Ethics More than Just a CPE Requirement.

Article Brief: “Keeping Up with Ethics More than Just a CPE Requirement.” Balog (2013) argues that keeping up with ethics has become more than just a Continuing Profession Education (CPE) requirement because of the numerous developments that have occurred in the professional ethics front for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Other than merely being a CPERead more about Article Brief: Keeping Up with Ethics More than Just a CPE Requirement.[…]

Woolworths Strategic Analysis

Woolworths Strategic Analysis Table of Contents 1 Introduction 3 2 Background of the company and industry 3 2.1 Company History 3 2.2 Company Strategic Goals and Objectives 4 2.3 Industry Background. 6 3 Analysis 7 3.1 Trend Analysis 7 3.2 Ratio Analysis 10 3.3 Overall Analysis, Interpretation and Recommendation 15 4 Limitations 16 5 ReferencesRead more about Woolworths Strategic Analysis[…]


Abstract One of the most common features characterizing all aspects and elements across all industries and sectors is the acute dynamism culminating into advancements across all the industrial sectors in the world. One vital sector in the global economy is definitely the banking and finance sector. In this research, efforts will be made to evaluateRead more about COMPARATIVE STUDY OF THE LENDING POLICIES IN ISLAMIC AND NON-ISLAMIC BANKS AND THEIR CONTRIBUTION TO GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISES[…]

Strategic Management: Cadbury’s

Executive SummaryCadbury is a British multinational confectionary company headquartered in Uxbridge in Greater London. The company is owned by Mondelēz International and is the second largest confectionary company in the world after Wrigley’s. It operates in at least 50 countries across the globe and is renowned for its confectionary products which include Dairy Milk Chocolate,Read more about Strategic Management: Cadbury’s[…]

Peppercorn Dining Case Study

Peppercorn Dining is a college dining facility where Roger, Lynn and Erica, who happen to be partners from Square One, a consulting firm, are having lunch one afternoon when Drew Randall, Peppercorn’s manager recognizes Erica who had worked there a few years earlier. The consultants have a brief conversation with Drew, from whom they learnRead more about Peppercorn Dining Case Study[…]

Grant Audit

Grant audits are an important part of the assurance process, which is aimed at ensuring the proper use of government funds and facilitating decision making on the disbursement of the latter. This process generally helps the government to decide whether or not a grant should be renewed in accordance with predetermined performance-based principles. Audits areRead more about Grant Audit[…]