Media literacy project critical analysis custom essay.

The purpose of this assignment is to develop an understanding of how different forms of media (social media, news, movies, television, advertisements, newspapers, magazines, etc.) influence common narratives regarding homelessness and how it is understood in the public sphere. A) Select 5 different media sources depicting homelessness. B) Using course readings (min. 5) prepare aRead more about Media literacy project critical analysis custom essay.[…]

Sports custom essay.

Recently some people have complained that sports team mascots offend their cultural groups. Sports names such as the Nortre Dame “Fighting Irish”, the Florida “Seminoles”, the Cleveland “Indians”, and the Atlanta “Braves” have been under pressure to change their names. Do these names affect communication?

Media watch custom essay.

Identify a health policy issue. For example, you can watch a talk show with a public policy focus, watch c-span for an hour, listen to National Public Radio or read three articles in print media such as New York Times, magazine, newspapers, journals, or online blogs. Then you will write a one-page, single spaced critique.Read more about Media watch custom essay.[…]

Media and society custom essay.

Print Media Answer the following questions regarding reporting: A) What variables about news-gathering are beyond the control of reporters and editors but nonetheless affect what people read, hear and see? B) How are journalists captives of the personal values and biases they bring to their work? Provide an example of this through a video clipRead more about Media and society custom essay.[…]

Wikipedia Article on Stealth Communications custom essay

Write a Wikipedia page on Stealth Communications ( citing thirdparty sources. A google search on “Stealth Communications” will yield many third party articles. I am also available to provide more information via phone and email. Here is a draft of the wikipedia page: [end]