Analysis of a Current Health Policy Issue in the Media

Current Health Policy Issue in the Media

Identify a health policy issue. For example, you can watch a talk show with a public policy focus, watch c-span for an hour, listen to National Public Radio or read three articles in print media such as New York Times, magazine, newspapers, journals, or online blogs.

Then you will write a one-page, single spaced critique. You will follow professional writing guidelines using APA 6.0, and write in the third person. Consider such things as the expertise of the participants/writer, the extent to which different points of view were presented, some underlying assumptions that were apparent, the depth of the discussion, what did you learn, and your perspective on the topic and WHY.

Grading Criteria: the more analysis, depth, and clarity of expression

If an article is used it has to be less than 5 years written.
It has been be on health policy like Obama healthcare or something related to the health of a population.
The body of the paper should be single space and should only be one page. APA format
please include title page and references

Sample Solution 

One health policy issue that has been recently discussed in the media is the ongoing debate about whether or not the United States should adopt a single-payer healthcare system. The issue has been covered by numerous media outlets, including CNN, The New York Times, and NPR.

Proponents of a single-payer healthcare system argue that it would provide universal coverage to all Americans and help to reduce healthcare costs by eliminating administrative overhead and negotiating lower prices for medical services and prescription drugs. Supporters also argue that it would help to promote preventive care and reduce the overall burden of healthcare on the economy.

Opponents, on the other hand, argue that a single-payer healthcare system would lead to long wait times for medical procedures, rationed care, and decreased innovation in the healthcare industry. Critics also argue that the high cost of implementing such a system would be a burden on taxpayers and that it would be difficult to transition from the current system to a single-payer model.

In terms of the media coverage of this issue, it is apparent that there is a wide range of opinions and perspectives being presented. However, there is often a bias towards either supporting or opposing the idea of a single-payer healthcare system, depending on the outlet or writer’s political leanings.

As a healthcare policy issue, the debate over a single-payer healthcare system is complex and multifaceted, with many underlying assumptions and potential implications. It is important for policymakers to consider all perspectives and engage in thoughtful and informed discussion about the potential costs and benefits of implementing such a system.

Overall, the media coverage of this issue provides an opportunity for individuals to learn more about the complexities of healthcare policy and to engage in informed discussions about potential solutions to the ongoing challenges facing the US healthcare system.

Health Policy Issue
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