Artistic expression custom essay.

In this discussion, we are going to consider how artistic expression serves as a therapeutic way to convey personal experiences and feelings resulting from involvement in trauma, such as military conflict.
• In the video provided in this module, Art Therapy: Healing Trauma From: Art Therapy: A Universal Language for Healing.[OR1]
[Video File] [5 min 34 sec], Ikuko Acosta of New York University refers to art therapy as “a universal language.” Drawing from this video, the module reading, and two additional academic sources from the Library, discuss this idea in relation to the arts (drawing, painting, sculpture, and/or music) and provide an example of any program for adults that employs such therapy.
• What do you think Acosta means when she says art therapy is a “universal language”? Can you find any research that speaks to
the effectiveness of art therapy? What are some of the rationales for art therapy programs?

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