Cancer in term of evolutionary medicine custom essay.

You have already write a question, hypothesis and aims of study fro me. My professor change the question to Why
propensity for cancer increases with age? The hypothesis was
Cancer is rarly associated with youth or middle age, and predominates amongst senior citizen. Considering cancer from an
evolutionary prospective, selection aginst susceptibility to the condition in old age is effectively circumvented . There is no
evolutinary advantage in an individual’s longevity, given that the genes are only passed on to successive generations
through progeny. Once an individual goes beyound child bearing age, then evolution has no further part to play in that
individual’s continuing exsitence. It is no conincidence that cancer, then, becomes more likely around and beyound the age
of menepause in women, and a similar age in men when they , too, are likely to be less sexulally active. There is little or no
selective advange to immunity.
aims study:
Three useful areas of study arising from this hypothesis would be:
i), to assess other species to see if this age pattern is followed in the onset of cancer;
ii), to find species that are sexually active into old age and see if some preventative may be found in that species’ own
physiology should cancer not occur within that population that is of possible medical value; and
iii), to ensure there is no direct connectivity between the absence or reduction of sexual activity and the onset of cancer.
For this order the paper details are:
asked me to change the last aim of study to something related to age and occurrence of cancer and study the
reproduction rate in young people who already have cancer.
an introduction about this topic and it must have:
a) background information
b) any alternative hypothesis that published in the literature review and detect if this hypothesis with or contradict the
hypothesis above.
c) my hypothesis
d) goals of this paper
e) aims of study Please change it as indicated above

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