HTTP service migration using open flow based network custom essay.

Use their points as guideline to develop my dissertation . The writer has to submit all programs and tools that he/she used .For instance, all used virtual machine with configuration and tools.
Required improvements:
In order to improve the thesis the following points have to be addressed:
1.) The student should repeat the tests within one environment (i.e. Mininet). In order to do so it will be necessary to use an
appropriate HTTP Server (e.g. Apache Web Server) and relevant DNS setup
(e.g. using the BIND package). Through an
appropriate setup,
it should be possible to carry out a likeforlike
comparison, using the same environment throughout all
2.) The thesis needs to present a proper discussion on the setup
and tests. This has to include the different aspects of how tests
should be conducted and what the different elements are which impact the measurements.
..3.) There needs to be a discussion, analysis and reflection of the results, specifically with respect to the factors that have been
taken into account and what might remain outside (e.g. messages exchange not captured by the measurements or management

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