Global Logistics and lupply chain management custom essay.

Read through the case study and answer the questions below.
The assignment should be presented in report format and the length is expected to be 2500 words. The report constitutes 30% of the module mark.
You must undertake thorough research and produce an academic discussion incorporating relevant theory to answer the questions below. The full APA6 referencing style should be used throughout the report and for the reference list at the end.
The front page of your report should consider the following: student name and number; module code; assignment name; tutor name; total word count for the main text (this excludes the word count for the figures, tables, front page, references, table of contents and appendices).
Incorporate a table of contents after the front page. At the end of your report, incorporate a list of references and appendices.


1. Based on the details presented in the case study, provide an evaluation of the global tea beverage market. Indicate the key factors that buyers consider while purchasing a new beverage.
(35 marks)
2. Discuss the key factors a beverage manufacturing company needs to consider in order to enter and sustain its position in the global market.
(30 marks)
3. Evaluate the global supply chain challenges and opportunities faced by Tata Tea beverages when adopting its new consolidation strategy

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