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Review the article Complex Litigation in the New Era of the iJury. Consider issues raised by the article involving the
complexity of litigation and the makeup
of juries. What is the nature of some of the complex lawsuits at issue today? Do you
believe that our current jury system is sufficient to handle emerging complex issues? Do you believe our current system
should be retained or that an alternate system be adopted? Consider also the technology available for presentations today.
Should lawyers be able to use whatever technology they desire in the courtroom? Should there be limits? Prepare a paper
discussing these issues and expressing your opinions. In support of your opinions, your paper should address the journal
articleComplex Litigation in the New Era of the iJury and also at least two other peer reviewed journal articles. APA
formatting should be followed. The substantive portion of the paper not counting, for example, your reference page, should
be in the range of from three to four doublespaced
pages. Representatives of the King library should be available to assist
with library or citation issues. Additionally, a good reference for APA citation is available
at https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/.


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