Whole Foods Market (WFM) analysis

Whole Foods Market

Imagine that you are a Business Analyst in the Whole Foods Market , who has to prepare a series of reports, outlining Whole Foods Market, internal and external business environment, including:
Company’s background, history, lines of business, and summary of financial position
Company’s cost structure, including analysis of major costs, their drivers, sensitivity to changes in the external market
environment, and ability to adjust to the change in market conditions.
Structure of the market, where your company operates, its major competitors, suppliers and customers, geographic
differentiation, potential sources of market power, profits and strategic positioning.
Existing and potentially viable strategies for sustainable business practices, impact of government and environmental
Potential synergies for new lines of business and sources of revenue growth.
Must include the following sections in your report:
An overview of the organization general information.
Historical perspective important dates, developments and events.
Lines of business products and services.
An overview of financial position ticker symbol, latest revenues, profits, as well as their recent changes.
Conclusion company’s role in the global market place.

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