We can work on Summarising Public Health Informatics

In this assessment, you will follow two parts:

  1. Twitter Review:

Follow three public health-related Twitter accounts and summarise what you have learned from following these feeds for 5 weeks (from Week 1 to week 5 of the trimester). Critique on how Twitter as a social media tool, can be utilised for informed public health informatics field. Note that you will need to create a Twitter account. You may pick up accounts from the following list (1500 words)

o @Croakeyblog
o @ehealthpaho
o @equitylist
o @TheMarmotReview
o @RuralMental_Hth
o @DigitalHealth
o @eHealthAus
o @JMedInternetRes
o @Healthypolicies
o @AUMentalHealth
o @telemedicine_Jn

  1. Telemedicine in Australia (1000 words)

Summarise the barriers to the uptake of telemedicine in Australia based on articles provided in the learning resources and wider literature (last 5 years). Classify them into ICT issues and management issues and evaluate current methods.

In your opinion, what are the key barriers and how can these be addressed? Provide suggestions and practical recommendations based on evidence.

Sample Solution

reeks gave reason as to why volcanoes are scattered along the Earth’s surface. The fact that he fought Typhoeus alone exemplifies what many of the Greeks and Romans thought were how a warrior should behave, that and if he did not do so he would lose the stigma that he was the epitome of masculinity. The myths of Zeus are so widely varied and his behavior within the myths are just as varied that some have postulated that Zeus is the conglomeration of many minor gods who over time were blurred into one supreme being. In addition the many bizarre acts of Zeus can be a way for many people to justify their obscure behavior. Zeus had relations not only with mortal females, but also mortal males. One of the most notable tales of this is that of Zeus and Ganymede. Ganymede was a slave boy who Zeus became infatuated with, one day Zeus sent eagles down to Earth to retrieve Ganymede and bring him to Olympus there he became a cup-bearer. That way he was always around when Zeus needed him to be. This is an example of how Zeus sometimes abused his power to get whatever he wanted. This tale also reflects how Roman society viewed homosexuality and accepted it the way they did. In Ovid’s Metamorphoses the tale of the great flood is another fine example of Zeus wearing yet another hat. This myth Deals with ruler of Arcadia Lycaon and his tyrannical behavior. Lycaon thought he would serve Zeus one of his children as a sacrifice. As one would expect Zeus found this repulsive and decided to not only punish Lycaon, but the rest of humanity as well. He first transformed Lycaon into a wolf, it suited his personality. This was the typical style of most transformations in Ovid’s works. Zeus then decided to wipe the Earth clean of the human race and start fresh, thus the great flood much like the story of Noah’s Ark. In the Greek version, there were however two survivors Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha. In order to repopulate the Earth they were instructed to throw the ‘bones’ of their mother over their shoulder to repopulate the Earth, these instructions from the ora>

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