We can work on Drama Essay on “Oedipus Rex”

  1. Define tragedy and discuss how or why Oedipus Rex is a tragedy.
  2. Define tragic hero and discuss how or why Oedipus is a tragic hero.
  3. Define hubris. Give an Example from Oedipus Rex.
  4. Define dramatic irony. Give an Example from Oedipus Rex.
  5. Define resolution and describe the resolution of Oedipus Rex.
  6. Define reversal and discuss reversal in Oedipus Rex.
  7. What are the three unities and how are they presented in Oedipus Rex?

Sample Solution

rder for the oracle to maintain that it was never wrong. They Figured that the ‘bones’ were actually rocks from mother Earth, this was the correct interpretation and the Earth was populated once more. In regards to Zeus this story once again shows his parental side due to the way he reacted to Lycaon’s transgression. The myth of Zeus and his relationship with Callisto is one that shows how he can, when faced with urgency, can react for the betterment of others not just himself. The story goes that after Callisto was found to have a child with Zeus she was turned into a bear, after her son Arcas grew up he was in the woods and was confronted by her mother in bear form, he was about to kill her when Zeus stepped in and transformed then into constellations, these constellations were Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. The tale of Zeus and Demeter shows Zeus as a just and understanding ruler. The story deals with Hades being given permission to take Persephone to the Underworld to be his wife, the bulk of the story deals with Demeter sulking and trying to figure out who kidnapped her daughter. Also in her anger she brings famine and drought upon the world. After hearing all the people crying out in hope due to hunger Zeus steps in and sends Hermes to retrieve Persephone, but she had already had eaten food in the underworld and if that occurs it is said that no one can leave. So in the end Persephone must spend a portion of every year with Hades in the underworld. This myth shows how Zeus is an understanding individual and how he does his best for the betterment of all under his all mighty rule. There are many other myths associated with Zeus such as him punishing Prometheus to having his liver eaten out of him regularly. Or the Zeus and his punishment for Tantalus and his blas>

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