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Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that either supports or refutes statistical data as a means of supporting criminal justice policy. Remember to back up your argument with factual, peer-reviewed references.

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reinforces the key themes of Mrs Dalloway but with the addition of contemporary issues, making it relevant to a modern audience. The intertextuality in The Hours can thus be analysed when examining the syntactic structure within both texts and looking at Claes’ theories on addition and repetition of events. Similarly, the syntactic structure of Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit is comparable to that of the Bible. The eight chapters of the book are named after the first eight books of the Old Testament. In addition, there are perpetual references to biblical stories and quotes are used throughout the novel. For instance, in chapter one, ‘Genesis’, the story of Jeanette’s adoption is told: ‘she followed a star until it came to settle above an orphanage, and in that place was a crib, and in that crib, a child. A child with too much hair’ (p.14). This description mimics the birth of Jesus and the narrative style follows the same technique as the Bible. Additionally, throughout the novel, Jeanette’s mother raises her to be a devout servant of God, just like Jesus, and her life imitates that of a religious quest. Although the description of her adoption echoes that of the birth of Jesus, the additional comment ‘a child with too much hair’ adds a particular comedic element, differing from the Bible’s serious tone. These biblical references are a reflection of Jeanette’s home life and her strict Christian upbringing. However, they also act as a metaphorical device that depicts the development of her story and her growth as a person as well. The most obvious crossover between the Bible and Oranges is that Jeanette is raised to live her life within the rules of the Bible. The addition and character of Jeanette’s mother creates an environment/community in which Jeanette is constantly watched over and judged against the rules of the Bible. If she is to go against them her relationship with both God and her whole community are ruined. The first chapter narrates Jeanette’s adoption and her home-schooled childhood living under a strict household. In reference to Clae’s theories of altering the syntactic structure, Oranges adds a modern element to the biblical stories whils>

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