We can work on SPSS: Analysis, Findings, Conclusion and Discussion

2.1 Data preparation Explain what issues you encountered in the data set with regards to missing values, errors, and outliers. Explain how you checked for these issues and what method you have used (if any) to address it. Did you check for outliers? Did you remove them? Based on what criteria? Did you exclude cases? It is important that you do not list steps using only SPSS language, but transparently explain what you did and why you did so.

2.2 Data analysis plan Describe what analyses you performed on your dataset. Follow the format of table 1 on the next page.

Sample Solution

There have been several researches and a lot of arguments when it comes to personality and temperament, there have also been different definitions and explanations. This topic is very important because the issue has been there since the creation of man. The awareness of man brought about the recognition of how people behave and why one is different from the other, it is all in a bid to understand mankind better. How people acquire languages has also been an interesting topic discussed over time, especially the acquisition of a second language, third language or even more. The acquisition of the mother tongue is seen to be the easiest, although the term ‘mother tongue’ in itself can be misleading since a child learns or acquires the language which he or she is most exposed to at the early stages of language development. The most interesting apart of language acquisition however is the learning of several languages and competence in such learned languages, and as discussed in several researches, bilinguals tend to think outside the box than monolinguals due to more language resources at their disposal. Furthermore, when it comes to classroom interaction, there have also been discussions on teaching methods that will be most suitable to cater for individual differences in the classroom. The truth is many language teachers including teachers of other subjects don’t take into consideration that people tend to assimilate and grasp concepts and ideas in different ways ‘ some learn more through visual means, some through audio, others through repetition, others through stimuli, and the likes. This is because the mental and physical make-up of every individual is different, even though each individual can be lumped into personality categories. These topics and issues mentioned will be discussed and temperament will be researched in Turkish Students in acquiring English Language. The receptive and prod>

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