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Create a Memoir about a specific positive event in your life.
• Consider the following questions when starting your essay:
o What was a specific past event that was particularly memorable to you? o What was the significance of that event on you?

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hegemony, ideas that the community imposes upon Asians are made a reality. The lack of job advancement opportunities and positions in the media for Asian Americans is not due to a lack of skill or capability, but because of roadblocks formed by racial perception. Asian Americans represent 15-25% of Ivy League enrollment, yet hold few leadership positions in the workforce. Asians are excelling in academics and credentials, but failing when it comes to advancing to the top of industries, despite entering the market with highly coveted degrees. Perceived as being competent, yet cold and non-dominant, Asian Americans face difficulties in the workplace once their desire for advancement is known. In “Asians in America”, market researcher Eva Pereira writes, Asians are well-represented in entry-level and middle management positions, but are stalled on the way to the top. As a result, many report feeling stalled in their careers and have begun to disengage. Of all the groups studied, Asian men were most likely to report feeling stalled professionally. Job satisfaction was also particularly low among this group — Asian men are more than twice as likely to say they intend to quit their job within the year compared to Caucasian men (1). It is unlikely that lack of education or skills is what prevents Asians from job advancement or obtaining roles in the entertainment industry. Asians have proven to be just as capable a cohort as any other race. Instead, it is a perception problem. Asians are frozen in the image that they cannot be trusted in a leadership position. According to a study done by The Center for Work-Life Policy, “one-quarter of Asian respondents face work-place discrimination”, and it “reveals a belief often heard from workers and managers: Asian Americans are culturally uncomfortable with the type of swagger and self-promotion that often spells success in U.S. firms” (Stock, “Study Finds Asians Occupying Few Corner Offices”). The idea for why Asians are not given the same opportunities as other races to ascend to a leadership position echo a common reason for why Asians are not offered more opportunities in the entertainment industry: they lack the “swagger and self-promotion” apparently requisite of success. Although a broad, sweeping generalization, this deep-seated belief has real effects on the treatment of Asian Americans,>

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