We can work on Information System Application for Decision Making

Identify the process for decision making regarding technology. Discuss nursing role in identifying appropriate technology for practice.
Your paper should include the following:

  1. One technology application used in health care to facilitate decision making.
  2. The application’s impact on quality of decision making.
  3. The process for selecting and implementing the application.
  4. The costs associated with the application.
  5. Nurses’ role(s) in selecting and evaluating the application.

Sample Solution

With Southwest ever growing fleet and routes it is imperative that they keep up their training program and most important that they keep their company culture. They also can’t lose sight of what brought them this opportunity to be at the level that they are and that is their customer satisfaction. Their organizational objectives and business model was built through their planning process. Their planning processes met many goals like meeting customer needs, remaining profitable, and continually updating their strategy so their business can evolve. Southwest always kept their fares low, so they can keep their organizational objectives the same. These objectives include no hidden fees, keeping the lowest fares possible, and constantly keeping connected with both their customers’ and their employees’ needs. There is a lot of competition in the airline business. Heskett and Sasser Jr. explain, “Southwest’s business model, as it quickly evolved, became well known for its contrarian approach to air transportation – what it didn’t provide that other carriers did” (Heskett and Sasser Jr. 2). Some of the services Southwest doesn’t provide are no first class, no food served during flights (except for small bagged snacks) and no assigned seats. By not providing these services this allowed Southwest to keep their prices competitive. However, they also had to address some important problems to remain competitive. One of the biggest problems is with rising fuel costs it is getting more and more expensive to fly. There is also a he increases in the amount of competition they face. With the rise of the internet and improvements to ground travel customers now have a lot less reasons to fly today. Southwest has countered this competition with clear concise goals and an evolving strategy. OPERATIONS With the increase in competition, Southwest can not only rely on their low fares to attract new customers. With that said the idea of a business class has been offered. This would be a huge operational change as we would offer more comfortable seats with increased legroom, as well as other premium services such as complimentary movies, meals, Wi-Fi and a dedicated bathroom for this section only. There would need to be a lot of forecasting done to predict the number of business class seats we would offer per plane and if we would need to increase the number of staff members for this new section. The largest investment would be a designed layout for a plane that can fit this new section. Since we only use one type of plane, we would have to educate our pilots and mechanics if we change. There will have to be a lot of project planning to see what is required and how long we must achieve these goals. An example would be how much profit would we have to gain from this new class, so we know what our break-even point is. Scheduling would be a huge factor because it will bring money, people, and supplies together at the right time. We will have to monitor what supplies and r>

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