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Evidence is a key component in identifying trends and changing practice especially in the public health field.
Choose a public health topic that you are especially passionate about.(The topic will be “infectious disease”) Discuss how studies/research support your views (for or against).

Sample Solution

Southwest is one of the most admired companies in the world. In fact, they are ranked 8th in 2017 as “Most Admired Companies in the World” and 13th “Best Employer in 2016.” Their culture is all about not only keeping the customers happy but also keeping their employees happy. They focus on keeping enthusiastic and determined employees. They invest a lot of resources into different activities to keep their employees engaged and interested in their work. According to the case study “Southwest Airlines: In a Different World,” “many of the projects were self-funded, with Employees raising money to buy T-shirts and other paraphernalia with bake sales and other events. Employees extended their team efforts when away from the job as well, engaging in community-based activities together” (Heskett and Sasser Jr. 3), Theses activities allowed a low-cost way for their employees to bond. Southwest does not really have a traditional hierarchy which allows for more innovation. This creates a sense of ownership because all employees feel equal. “Southwest remained the most heavily unionized airline industry in the” (Heskett and Sasser Jr. 4). This allowed them to keep great relationships with their managers and employees. It also helped protect them if an issue came up. Their goal was to maintain good compensation and flexible work weeks. Southwest wants to keep their family fun attitude with all their employees. They make sure when hiring employees that they fit their fun culture. Their culture is one of the main reasons for their success. They are all about portraying a positive image to both their customer and their employee. With their company values being about diversity and innovation, this allows employees to feel comfortable to offer their ideas and voice their opinions. Part 2. 2015 was a very important year for southwest because they reached $1 billion in annual profit. They also began focusing on their new international terminal that they opened in Houston. Southwest have begun plans to expand into fifty international cities. Some of their first international flights included Cuba. they also have been acquiring more small airports which allows them to flyout of more airports. This will allow them to increase the number of routes they offer as well as offer their first international flights. They are all about putting the customers first and this has kept them profitable. They focus on their different processes and lowering their turnarounds. They have risen to be one of the top US carriers. They rose to the top by mostly serving the mid-tier market and staying in the US. However, they now have plans to move past the US borders and offer more flights for more customers. They know they have to keep constantly evolving and improving, as Heskett and Sasser Jr. state in “Southwest Airlines: In a Different World;” “we have to transform our business model and expand our revenue-generating capabilities. To do that, we have to transform or >

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