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Using your experience with healthcare, either from a client’s or employee’s perspective, create a healthcare marketing scenario. In this scenario, describe how you would integrate the 4 Ps of marketing. Include a discussion that describes the 4Ps and they relate to the health care organization in general.

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lifestyle. There are schools abroad that are just a drive away from the coast and nowadays surfing helps you build your physical figure and give back to your school and help you earn a degree. Our team believes that you have to balance things out in both educational and extra-curricular that is why we think that this is an enticing approach to promote surf tourism. He added also that by this plan or program it will help you get closer or learn more about marine biology that could be an advantage for your personal career. (Persaud, 2013) Surf tourism: A sustainable alternative. We read about his work and there is a place called Manta located at Ecuador that shows potential for surf tourism he mentioned that most of the earnings or work available in the said place is that thru the marine ecosystem however thru the human intervention there has been lack of care in the said place but with this research. Somehow we could be able bring awareness and be able to seek attention and bring rehabilitation and start surf tourism at Ecuador. (Dodge, 2016) Surfing is one of the fastest growing action sports in the world and new waves are becoming more difficult to discover as surfers travel to the ends of the Earth in search of perfect, empty a-frames. As what he said this another opportunity or plan for the other nations to promote their very own surfing spot that could easily promote surf tourism and that could also help the economy of their country (Buckley, 2010) Commercial surf tourism is recent in origin but is now a significant component of the worldwide adventure tourism sector. There are over 10 million surfers worldwide and a third of these are cash-rich, time-poor and hence potential tour clients. Now here we have found something concrete more stable proof that can support surf tourism and may even persuade people on supporting surf tourism. (Martin, 2014) Surf tourism is a rapidly expanding market segment of the wider tourism industry. We also found out that from 1997 up to 2010 unpublished or not there were insights on surf tourism was already gaining good feedback and that is why maybe we could even more expand or pro-grow what they did back in the days. Looking further our group was a bit shocked on how they used surf tourism as their medium in order to attract students which gives us more opportunities to show readers that surf tourism is a dynamic and more fun and provides leisure yet somehow promotes tourism (Payne, 2013) life is an adventure and this just shows that despite the struggles in our everyday career there are offers li>

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