We can work on Comparing and contrasting fast, slow, moderate, and foundational skills

Part A) It is important to not just hand your learners information, but instead to help them construct and organize their framework for that information. What are some strategies you could implement to aid learners in the construction and organization of these frameworks? Why would you choose these strategies? What theories are these strategies based on?

Part B) Compare and contrast fast, slow, moderate, and foundational skills. Include strategies that are used to teach these skills. What different real-world settings would you expect to encounter designing for these skills as an instructional designer?

Sample Solution

up with both our careers and hobbies. To sum it up, our team has concluded that you can see how they were able to develop a simple hobby or leisure activity into a more complex type that was able to promote tourism, develop profit, and help out people who are close to the big waves that could help them glide thru the everyday waves of life. Synthesis of the Study All of the researches done are aimed at one direction, and that is to contribute sustainable development. The same goes as our main objective, which is to make surf tourism known in the Philippines and provide further knowledge that would be beneficial to everyone involved. Similar to our study, the reviewed materials aspire to promote surfing sites that has not reached its full potential or has so much potential but is underrated by the mass. The articles pertaining to the sustainability indicators also mirrors how our study utilizes the sustainability indicators in assessing San Juan, La Union to generate information in a structured manner and a systematic approach. The discussion of serious leisure qualities as a tourist’ motivation in their destination preferences is in the same light with what we have discussed in our study. In connection with that, the value of different tourists, their knowledge and skills about the destination, and the importance of their tour experiences to the marketing strategies and product placement discussed in the materials are analogous to our study, and that is using the preferences of the tourists as a foundation in developing solutions and future results. In general, the scope of the various locations where the researches were done in the academic materials is different from our study. The methods that were used in getting information are in contradiction with the mixed-mode method that we’ll be using. For example, one of the researches only did an interview to gather information from their respondents. The span of time spent in the reviewed studies differs from the duration of our study which is only for two months. The main goal of contributing sustainable development also differ when discussed specifically, wherein our study focuses more on the sustainable development that can be applied to San Juan, La Union to be the priority choice as a surfing site. One of the journals recommended planning and development and the suggested approach is dissimilar to our study, one is only to promote surf tourism in a surfing site than refor>

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