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As a group we choose health issues which is La Leche League breastfeeding. Before we work on the poster presentation we did poster approval, which you will see it on the attachment below. For the poster project, there is 7 parts. Which are; Abstract, Overview of the health issue, Severity of the Issue, Intervention, Expected Outcomes, Opposing Arguments, and Conclusion/Recommendations. Since we divide the work with my group members, my part is Expected Outcomes and Abstract. To do the Expected Outcomes you need intervention and Policy part; Therefore, I attached the poster approval, you will find the intervention there, and policy file been attached. The policy can be intervention, so you can use both or one of them for the expected outcome. The abstract you will do it once everyone did their part and I will send you the paper. But the Expected Outcomes I need it Thursday (11/22/2018). For both Expected Outcomes and abstract I need one full page. Instruction for Expected OutcomesIf your policy intervention is adopted/implemented, what will be the results ….. how will it impact the health issue. Use all sources for data including legislative analyst reports. Perhaps the policy is in use in another state or in a local jurisdiction. If so you can use those results as a proxy. Or is there a similar policy that you can research for effectiveness. For example, research on the use of warning labels in general if you were dealing with the topic of sugary beverages being mandated to have a label. instruction for abstract This section may not exceed 200 words and it is a summary of the entire poster from overview to policy to conclusion/recommendations. It is no different than any other journal abstracts you have encountered other than we are working with policy. Short and concise.I also attached sample poster, so you know what kind of picture you can attached for the expected outcome. Purchase the answer to view it
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