Urban legends: Testing myth for truth custom essay.

Evaluate the “urban legend” below. It may or may not be true. At this point you can assume it is a “belief” of at least many Americans who have circulated this story. How might you design an experiment or do some research that could use cause and effect reasoning to determine if this belief does hold at least some truth? Assume you have unlimited resources to do your research. Who would you want to talk to? Experts? Officials? What kind of experiment could you do? Come up with both options of how you could discern any truth to the tale: research and experiment. Develop your answers and write them in the text box
provided. Please do not “research” the legend yourself on the internet now. The assignment is merely gauging your ability to create a research and experiment design.In what ways (try to come up with at least two different strategies) could you figure out if there is any truth to this legend.

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