Event operations custom essay.

You must choose any event which you have previously designed, planned and delivered or you would like to plan and deliver.

You are to produce a professional report on the event considering key operational aspects and theory (3000 words). This should demonstrate your
understanding and application of techniques taught throughout the module. Please look through all of the slides from the sessions.
The information will be presented as professional report containing specific details on the application of the theoretical topics taught in class to elements of
your chosen event. You must include the following:
What is the event? What are its mission and objectives? You should indicate the target market, numbers of attendees and the style/structure of the event,
and when and where it is to take place. Along with identifying stakeholders and operational logistics.
Assessment Objectives/Rationale:
The assessment involves the application of placing theory into practice and demonstrating your understanding of the practicality of such techniques. In this
instance you will be encouraged to apply the theory learnt to your chosen event. The assessment is based on a professionally produced report where you
will demonstrate how your event has been conceived, planned, implemented and evaluated with the underpinning of theoretical content

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