united nation law Academic Essay

What is the relationship between the UN Security Council and the General Assembly in relation to the maintenance of international peace and security?

Assessment criteria

Students should demonstrate the ability to:
• Assimilate the subject matter of the module.
• Apply theoretical notions to facts.
• Structure the work so that statements, arguments and conclusions flow coherently and logically.
• Use correct legal terminology.
• Make appropriate citations and references.
• Identify lacunæ and contradictions in judicial and non-judicial opinions.

In grading assessments, the quality of work will be determined by reference to the following:
• Extent to which facts have been assimilated.
• Breadth of knowledge of the relevant law.
• Degree of insight into the issues.
• Level of application of the law to the issues.
• Depth of analysis, description and discussion in promoting the arguments.
• Extent to which viable innovative solutions are proposed.
• Degree to which planning and coherence is evident in the structure of the response.
• Level to which complex solutions are offered and evaluated.
• Extent to which command of English is demonstrated in a legal context

5000 words including footnotes
The essay should be strictly to the point, no irrelevant points.

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