Counseling Psychology Academic Essay

Please read the case study. You are required to develop a psychological formulation for the client in the case study based on any counselling/therapy theory we have covered in the module. You should then make recommendations regarding the therapy/counselling (a treatment plan) from two of the psychotherapeutic approaches covered in the module. It is advised that you briefly consider two approaches but then focus on one in more depth justifying the decisions you make based on published literature. You may want to integrate or combine elements from different therapies but please if you decide to do this justify the decisions you make. Please make sure that the treatment plan is consistent with the formulation. Approaches covered in the module are:
* Humanistic approaches: person centred therapy
*Humanistic approaches: existential psychotherapy
* Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
* Systemic Approaches: social constructionism
* Systemic Approaches: Family and couple work


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