Understanding how tourism works “on the ground” custom essay.

Instructions: Think about the arguments made in the prior course readings (i.e., any reading up to the due date of the assignment) with regard to how tourism functions and/or its significance. Then write a 1200-1500 word paper
that investigates the applicability of one or more of the arguments made in the readings by studying and reviewing a touristic experience or destination, in person, in San Diego or elsewhere.
The paper will present an argument that either (a) supports the argument(s) about how tourism functions and/or its significance made by the author(s) in question; (b) refutes the argument(s); or (c) supports the argument(s) in
part but proposes the need for modifications.
You must visit the site and/or engage in the experience in person. Failure to visit the site and/or engage in the experience will result in no credit for this paper, and thus in an F for the course! Write your paper in a way that
makes it clear that you actually did the work in person.
Think carefully about the claim or claims that you intend to evaluate before you go to the site! Visit the site with a plan of action. Take careful notes and, if possible, make photo documentation of your visit. You may include photographs in your paper if you wish, and be sure to include them if the reader needs to see them in order to understand the argument you are making.
Be sure you cite the sources you use: make certain that your reader can find them just as you did. Use Chicago Manual of Style citations.

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