Midlife and beyond: Adult development custom essay.

I expect fully developed answers of approximately 150-200 words (maximum) for eachquestion on the work sheets and typed using 12 point font. Use only the course materials when answering the questions. Responses should be double-spaced.
You must cite the source of all your ideas, not just direct quotations. When citing from one of the texts, use the author(s) name and the page number, for example, (Bell and Doucet 102). When citing from the Manual, usethe unit number
and page: for example, (Unit 1 26). Work sheets that have no reference notes will be returned without being graded.
1.What is “individuation”? In what way can “individuation” assist women with the transition to old age?
2.In the article by Meadows, Thurston and Lagendyk, “women’s narratives described their involvement with their
grandchildren as a “new start,” improving on their past parenting practices”(161). Discuss.
3.According to Clarke, what were some of the health issues (either on the part of the wife or on the part of the husband) that
prevented the women interviewed from having sexual intercourse in later life

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