Instruction: Lectures and seminars

Summative Assessment:
2,500 words (applies to the text and the footnotes, including any quotations or translations in
the body of the text, but NOT the list of references or appendices).
Reading list
To be supplied for each seminar
Choose ONE of the following topics:
1. Translation Studies: theoretical insights and practical solutions.
2. Equivalence: a troubled notion.
3. Translation Studies: the emergence of the discipline.
The essays should demonstrate your knowledge of and critical engagement with relevant
theoretical approaches (unlike your essay writing at earlier stages which may have been
primarily retelling). Critical engagement implies a discussion of pros and contras –
advantages and disadvantages, stronger and weaker points, perhaps limitations – of a
particular theory or a part thereof. Wherever possible, references should be made to original
theoretical publications, rather than to translation textbooks or reviews summarising the
discussed publications (unless your essay analyses the way a theory is presented in a textbook
or another publication). You should be able to identify the major publications relevant to your
topic. All theoretical points should be illustrated with examples – try to avoid making
unsubstantiated statements or generalisations which go beyond the evidence you have
provided. It is a good practice to find your own examples relevant to his/her language.


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