International Supply Chain Management. Custom Essay

Assessment 3: Individual Assignment Essay

“Quantifying the Contribution of Effective Supply Chain Management” (45% of module grade)
“Automotive – Poor Supplier Relationships Cost US Automakers $2bn” Supply Management, June 2015, Page 8.
“Strategy – Seven Steps to Strengthen Cash Management” by Sebastian Bartosik, Supply Management, June 2015, Page 32.
“Strategy – Five Ways to Set Savings Targets” by Andrew Swift and Gary Gamp, Supply Management, July 2015, Page 32.
I would like you to read the above articles, which are available in the “Assignments” folder of the “Teaching Resources”
section of the StudyNet site for this Module. These articles focus on the issue of quantifying and measuring the contribution
that effective supply chain management can make to the bottom line of an organisation. I would like you to submit an essay
discussing how the supply chain management function of an organisation might be measured and consider the potential
problems and weaknesses of such measurements, and how these weaknesses might be addressed to provide a more
objective and quantifiable set of measurements that truly reflect the contribution that the function can make to the bottom line
of an organisation.
Please note the above articles are merely starting points for researching this topic, and credit will be given for evidence of
wider reading and research. Over–reliance on a narrow range of sources will result in lower grades. Please use examples to
illustrate your arguments citing at least EIGHT additional recent texts and/or journals.
Successful students will need to demonstrate:
• The ability to follow the assignment brief set out above and produce a relevant report.
• A good understanding of the subject matter.
• An analytical approach in considering the report topic presenting a logical and coherent discussion of the issues – not
simply a description of these approaches and techniques.
• A very high standard of written English, with few errors in grammar and spelling (careful proofreading
is essential).
• Engagement with a large number of academic sources.
• Correct use of the Harvard Referencing System to identify sources clearly.
• Professional presentation of work in report format, e.g. using headings, page numbers, figures and tables where relevant
etc. (see ASU guides and the Coursework Workshops for more info).


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