Training and Development Custom Essay.

I have 5 different papers that needs to be completed. The details are below.

Text Reading: Lussier & Hendon, chapter(s) 7,8,9,10; McIntosh, chapter 6
1.) Team Chat
Reflect on the “faces of leadership” (p. 142) and how “the many become one” in leader development.
2.) Learning In Action Journal
Write an indepth and or personal journal reflection on one of the questions of Critical Thinking Activities highlighted within
the Communication Skills exercise within the assigned chapters of the Lussier and Hendon text. Use this assignment to
describe learning, reflect on connections, and narrate applications outside the class.
3.) Team Executive Summary
the “faces of leadership” by each person taking on one of the attributes listed on pg. 143 in McIntosh; how do these
attributes relate?
4.) Discussion Questions
Post directly to the question – Use the subject line to describe main point of your post.
Answer this question individually
4.1 Illustrate the levels of evaluation of training and critique used in your organization (MilitarySpecial
forces operator), and
then describe four criteria you consider to be most important in the design of effective performance appraisal systems. For
each of the four criteria, describe one action an organization like yours could take to improve performance on that criterion.
5.) Solutions Forum
Write a 2page
equivalent solutions post to three of the HR “Communication Skills” exercise questions and problem solving
scenarios in the assigned chapters.


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