Towards low carbon building design strategies for the design and construction of buildings that release minimum amounts of carbon during their lifetime custom essay.

i am having really frustrating issue with this paper, firstly two feed back that i have gotten from my professor has been the same and “quote DESK PAPER” i am looking for a top writer in the field of art and architecture that can give me the best architecture paper. A paper with a strong research question/ problem, a very good aim and a realistic achievable solution/recommendation. I wish for a
top writer that has the understanding of even how to put a nice architecture photo in the paper which is for discussion or referencing. A top writer that know how to focus the dissertation and not to board like a DESK paper.
To be clear, i have already previously ordered progressive delivery on my paper from a advance regular writer and some how the feed back that i gotten from my professor for both the orders were the same, which is too bard and not focus, not strong, etc with the research question etc.
So now that i am making this inquiry, i would like to know from whom is going to take this order which method would they prefer.
Firstly would you prefer to pick up the piece from the previous writer and use the same topic title, or secondly would you prefer to write from scratch as it gives you the freedom base on your writing with the previous writer topic title. or thirdly start a new topic which i don’t know by this period of the semester is it a wise choice, but if you feel you have a strong topic title or idea please let me
know. i am open to suggestion, however i would like to know what the best advice decision at this point of time form whom is going to take up this order. lastly i want to make it clear that i really need a strong and focus paper so focus that i would go back to the writer for my master thesis.

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