Managerial economics custom essay.

You just need to answer this questions based on the “Managerial Economics A problem solving approach” textbook; fourth edition by Froeb, McCann, Shor, Ward. The answers are based on this textbook chapter 9 and 11.
Problem 92
Snacks, Beer, and Marijuana: Snack food vendors and beer distributors ean some monopoly profits in their local markets, but seem the erode from various substitutes. When California voted on legalizing marijuana, which side would
you think that California beer distributors were on? What about snack food vendors? Why?
Problem 111
Explain the Peso Devaluation: In August 2008, Mexican Pesos ere trading at $0.10 on the foreign exchange market. By November, they were down to $0.07, a decline of 30%. Explain the fall in the price of a Peso using supply and
demand curves. In words, explain the rise in the price of a dollar.

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