Thinking through theme and image custom essay.

Part 1 asks you to think through your exhibition theme, and to think about how it relates to a work of art of your choice. The work of art
you choose will become one of the pieces in your group’s exhibition. Choose your work of art carefully, and think about it deeply and
often. The more effort you put into Part 1, the easier the work will be in Part 2.
For Part 1:
• THEME REFLECTION: write a 500 word reflection on your theme. How do you
understand the theme? What kinds of questions does this theme raise? What is the relevance of this theme for twenty first century life?
Which methods from the lectures and readings for FAH102 might prove most useful when exploring this theme?
• Choose a work of art that relates to your theme in an interesting way. You may choose any type of artwork from any time  period as this is a virtual exhibition: paintings, sculpture, architecture, textiles, furniture, photographs, videos, etc. Try to choose an object that you are really drawn to, interested in, or curious about.
REFLECTION: write a 1000 word reflection on how your chosen work of art relates to the theme. Include the
title/name of object, artist [if known], date, materials, actual location/collection, and a thumbnail image. Describe the object. Discuss its
physical/material properties. What are its important features? Why did you choose it? What can it tell us about the theme? How do you
think some of the methods and approaches we have (or we will) discuss in FAH102 relate to this work?
• BIBLIOGRAPHY: compile an annotated bibliography with at least 4 sources. For each source you choose, write a few sentences (100
words max.) on what important or interesting points the source makes about your theme or your chosen work of art. Include these notes
beneath each item on your bibliography. Be critical with the selection of your sources. The bibliography should include 2 sections:
o General Methodology:
! at least one book or article on general methodology related to your
o Object Bibliography:
! at least one book and one article and one website on your chosen work of art
Submit ONE hard copy of Part 1 . It should include your:
o ThemeReflection
o ObjectThemeReflection
o Bibliography
You do not need a cover page; however, on the first page, include your name, your tutorial section letter (e.g., Tutorial F), and your
theme. Doublespace
everything, all sections. Use 12point
font. Be certain to carefully check for typos; be certain that the bibliography
and any footnotes are in proper Chicago Manual of Style format

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