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1.)In any ecosystem, species interact on many levels. Population dynamics are a result of these various interactions and the push of natural selection.
For this discussion you must pick one of the following four relationships and analyze it according to the species interactions.
Next determine how this interaction determines population dynamics. Once you have come up with an analysis of the relationship and its effects on population dynamics, summarize your work in your discussion post.
1.The parasite Acanthocephalans, or spinyheaded worm, changes the behavior of
2.Puccinia monoica and mustard plants of the genus Arabis,
3.Cycles of abundance in snowshoe hares and their predators (lynx, goshawks, great horned owls, and coyotes),
4.Cicadas, especially the Magicicada species of cicadas, are great examples of a
species increasing its rate of survival through predator satiation
2.)Many bodies of water now undergo cultural eutrophication. This happens when the normal eutrophication process is sped up a hundred times by the actions of people.
Pick one of the following and analyze how the process results in eutrophication of bodies of water. Make certain to cover
nutrient load, biological oxygen demand and dissolved oxygen levels and the results of each. Lastly, analyze how this
eutrophication affects species diversity and the overall health of the ecosystem in the body of water.
1.Application of fertilizer to lawns
2.Application of fertilizer to farm fields
3.Failures in waste water treatment plants
3.)The local environments may change suddenly because of human or nonhuman events. For example, there are fires in the
West every Spring, some started by people, some by lightning. What happens to these burned areas? The Spring may also bring heavy floods to the Midwest, what happens to the land after the floods recede?
Pick an area that was cleared by a natural or human activity such as fire, flood, logging, mining or volcanic eruption. Describe the steps of succession that occurred in the area you chose. Include the species or types of species that were the earliest invaders and explain the characteristics that allowed these to invade first. When and how did each trophic level arrive

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