Theories of Adult Learning

After reading the background material and conducting your own research, produce a slide presentation (with accompanying notes) in which you showcase the key components of adult learning and the theories associated with it. Your presentation should go beyond summarizing what you have read. Your presentation should also include a paragraph or two in the notes section of PowerPoint which give further background on the slide. You will be graded on the content of the slides AND the content of the notes section.

Note: Be sure to review the Grading Rubric for the Case Assignment. Your essay will be graded based on the different components of it. It is very important that you cover all the material that will be evaluated.

Assignment Expectations

The content of your report should demonstrate your grasp of the concepts, insights, and issues presented in the assigned readings as well as your own research.
•The structure of your report should demonstrate your ability to analyze—NOT simply summarize—the information presented in the readings and your research.
•Be sure to use at least 3–7 references to scholarly literature. The references should be properly cited in the text and the reference section.

Note: Remember, Wikipedia is not considered an acceptable resource for academic writing.

General Format/Mechanics
•Approximately (with notes)
•Organized in a clear and coherent manner

Note: My topic of education has been dealing will senior with memory loss.


Required Reading

The background readings are provided to get you started moving in the right direction. As a graduate student, you will be expected to go beyond the literature provided and conduct your own research on the module topic. Graduate students must be able to demonstrate their ability to conduct scholarly research and synthesize what they have read into a well-organized essay. Be sure that you use additional resources when completing your assignments.

Note: Look at the references in the readings below to help identify other literature/authors that might supplement your work.

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Adult Learning
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