Margaret Thatcher Power and Leadership Style.

Margaret Thatcher leadership skills

Assignment Instructions

Please write a 1-2 page analysis and reflection of the main points. Write what you learned about organizational communication from reading it. Do not repeat the contents of the case or article.

Also please answer the following question as well.
1. What bases of power did Thatcher develop early in her career?
2. What were her strengths & liabilities? What kind of a leader was she?

Sample Solution

Margaret Thatcher’s strengths and abilities include the following;

  • Determination- Margaret Thatcher’s determination is ultimately what enabled her to set goals and see them through, including reducing the influence of trade unions. Margaret Thatcher gradually limited the influence of unions through legislature, which culminated in the 1984-85 miner’s strike after the decision was made to close down many unprofitable mines. By building up coal supplies in advance and refusing to give in to union demands, Thatcher eventually broke the resolve of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) following a year of strikes , the NUM finally conceding without a deal.
  • Strong relationship building- The former British prime minister made sure to forge strong political alliances, most notably with then US president Ronald Reagan. Sharing many political, financial and ideological approaches, the pair also supported each other’s military aims. These included Britain’s battle against the Argentine armed forces during the Falklands War in 1983 and the US bombing of Libya a year later.
  • Confidence- Margaret Thatcher’s confidence in her deals was characterized of her prime ministerial tenure, and it caused her to run a government based on conviction politics- that is, driven primarily on her own values. These policies included free market economics, privatization, tax cuts and the promotion of home ownership.

The kind of a leader that Margaret Thatcher was is an autocratic leader.

Autocratic leaders are characterized by their authoritarian approach, often taking on most of the decision-making responsibilities. With little or no input from other group members, autocratic leaders tend to dictate work processes and methods. There are several benefits to this leadership style, including the ability to quickly and efficiently make decisions without a laborious democratic process that may hold up results..


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Margaret Thatcher

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