The Critical Inquiry about “Consider the Lobster” custom essay.

The task is to write an essay(825 words) in which you critically examine and investigate the text \” Consider the Lobster,\” by
David Foster Wallace. Your goal is to provide your reader with a deeper understanding of the text, and to persuade your reader
that your interpretation is true, original and significant. You will do this by doing a close reading of key passages from the text
and analyzing the author\’s formal and rhetorical choices. Ask yourself: how does the author\’s language in these passages
affect my understanding of the essay as a whole? What problems or questions do they raises for me as a critical reader?\n\n
What questions, observations and claims emerge from your writing? Is an argument beginning to take shape? You might
imagine that you are writing a letter to a friend who hasn’t read your chosen text yet. How can you convince her/him to read it?
What is noteworthy about the text? What is your interpretation of the author’s aims and motives? Which specific passages are
you drawn to, and how will you analyze them? Which passages seem to contain problems, contradictions, puzzles,
conundrums, tensions, uncertainties, missing pieces, etc.?

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